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Our ninth year at the farm is in progress, we operate an organic vegetable farm located 15 minutes northeast of Ottawa. We sell certified organic consumer supported agriculture veggie baskets and deliver to your door! We are growing every year and always looking to sign up more customers. more info>

We are now booking the Barnes Lake retreat for summer 2016, we also added a screened-in gazebo next to the beach.

My most recent painting "Tinker and Bell" has been added to bottom of this page.

Below is another recent acrylic painting of a Juvenile Bald headed eagle. For their first 3 to 5 years, Juvenile Bald Eagles are a subdued mixture of chocolate brown with varying amounts of white over the body, tail and underwings. Adult plumage develops with sexual maturity.

Both Adults and Juveniles can weigh 7 to 14 pounds with a 7 foot wing span. Their physical features are identical. However - because Juvenile plumage is longer and thicker - Juveniles actually are larger than they will be as mature, adults. Sometimes mistaken for a Golden Eagle, young Bald Eagles have more white mottled into their colouration.


"Juvenile Bald Headed Eagle" - acrylic painting - signed limited edition prints $75.00 ea. ( series of 500 ) Original - SOLD. enlarge >

"Red-Breasted Nuthatch"-acrylic painting-limited edition print - 15"X18"~$125.00 ea - Original SOLD enlarge >

Red Squirrel in acrylic, original SOLD - Limited edition prints - 9"x12" - $57.50 ea enlarge >

American Kestrel in acrylic, 2008 - 14"x22" - limited edtition prints coming soon. enlarge >

Pencil rendering of “St-Antoine de Padoue” church in Perkins, Val-des-Monts - 13"x19" - completed Feb. 2008,

limited edition prints - $65.00 ea. Available for viewing at the Municipality of Val-des-Monts library in Perkins - enlarge >




"Memories of Nova Scotia" in acrylic - 16"x20" Limited edition prints now available - $100.00 ea. enlarge >

"Belted Kingfisher" -16"x20" acrylic - Limited edition prints - $110.00 ea. enlarge >.

"Eastern Cedar Rail Fence" Ottawa Valley - 8"x10" acrylic, original SOLD - Limited edition prints $45.00 ea. enlarge >


"Tinker and Bell" 14" x18" 2014 - $95 ea.